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50th planning site hits milestone

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Sylvania Campus in the 70s

Last week our 50th Anniversary planning website reached its own little milestone. More than 50 people have now shared stories of how PCC has impacted them.

One of my favorites is Deborah Hall’s story about coming to the Sylvania Campus library in the late 60s, with her mom who was a student there. Last Friday I shared Deborah’s story with some of our student leaders. Later, one of them approached me and told me how that story really resonated with her. She said she’d forgotten how she’d first come to Rock Creek when she was a child and her mother was a student there.

Wow. How many of our current students have parents who were also students at PCC? Those are the stories we want to capture for the 50th Anniversary. That’s the impact PCC has had on generations of community residents. That’s the story of PCC.

Go to www.pcc.edu/50th and help us tell it!

Kristin Watkins
Associate Vice President, College Advancement

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